Casa de las Palmas Hostel

The hostel has different hosting options to offer such as single, double bed and dorms with the best price vs. quality ratio in town.

When you stay in Casa de las Palmas you will enjoy local fruits and coffee every morning, all-day use of the swimming pool, a kitchen for basic cooking, free Wi-Fi.


Bed in 6-bed dormitory room

Shared room with lockers and fans

Bed in 6-bed dormitory room

Shared room with lockers and fans

Twin room

Private room with two single beds with fan

Double room

Private room with double bed and fan.

Double room

Private room with double bed, hammock and fan.

Jungle Tours

Calderon River tour

This tour is intended to visit primary jungle with native/indigenous guides and it is meant for travelers who look for a one-of-a-kind survival experience.

The trail to go to El Calderon region is located 22 kilometers away from Leticia...

Full jungle experience three days

Explore the jungle and live a full amazon experience visiting both sides of the forest! Get to know firm land areas and floodable zones with indigenous guides and enjoy an authentic amazon experience!

Zacambu River two days

Take a boat trip along the Amazon, Zacambu and Gamboa rivers and lakes in which you'll be able to explore the flooded jungle by canoeing and fishing (mostly piranha), followed by a visit a Peruvian village where the native people breed pirarucu fish ( the biggest sweet water scaled fish in the world) to help increase the population.

Day and night jungle trek

Explore the jungle creeks and rivers while you look for wild life in the company of native indigenous guides. Learn survival skills and acquire general jungle knowledge.

Yahuarcaca Lakes

You will be able to explore its ecosystem and unique landscape and get to know the Ticuna tribe people, their culture and lifestyle while you hike through the jungle, go fishing or even cook mandioca with them.

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